Feeling lonely

Preggy ard 24 weeks , feel emotional most time because hubby seldom talk or ask about me how was my day. Stuck home with kids, get to rest , divide housechores half. Recently felt uncomfortable staying at home.. feel no privacy..friend came over frequently, stay in room if possible... occupy self with 3 old daughter .. whenever start to discuss abt something, hubby shut me out.. believe he decide everything.. so i feel unimportant.. so giveup in communicating anything with him in detail.

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Is it all the while he behaves this way? Did you try to share your feelings with him or he doesn't change after you have shared with him? Do you think he still love you? What is your plan? It's unhealthy if goes on. Hope he changes after you tell him your feeling. Seek counseling if is open to it. Take care.

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