Can preggie drink fresh goat milk? Is it true that fresh goat milk has more nutritional value than cow's milk?

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Write a reply U can refer to the above to see about the different kinds of milk and its nutritional value. U should also check with your Gyne if it is ok for u to take the milk (as I am not sure what kind of supplements he may have given or instructed u to take). Goats milk is quite an acquired taste so that would be the more challenging part of it. Just to share, I didn't drink milk when pregnant - just eat food and fruits and prenatal vitamins etc, baby is all good too. "The USDA recommends pregnant women three cups of milk or other dairy products every day." So u can work around that

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Yes you can. Goats milk is better as the moms above has shared. Goats milk is also the closest to breastmilk I sweat by it. Pricing wise it is not more expensive, many people have the misconception.

Yes you can drink goat milk. But please make sure the goat milk is pasteurised.

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I drank thru out all my pregnancies. Yes it's better and healthier. I got them from hay dairies farm weekly.

I drank throughout my pregnancy (: hay dairies!