Do you prefer to latch baby or pump out milk when you are outside and why? I am referring to staying outside like half a day out shopping with baby.

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If ur baby is willing and can, I prefer to latch. Because if u were to pump, you would also need a nursing room or a nursing cover. Main reason for latching is that no need to bring the pump stuff and bottles (save space/time/effort to wash too - all the mothers shout hurray!), and latch is the faster (just take out boobs), no need to find or carry hot water and normal water (some malls only provide hot water in the nursing room - no normal water - how to make milk) But if ur baby is easily distracted and really takes a long long time to be done (like almost an hr) then I suppose pump is best - provided someone can look after baby or baby can stay in pram when outside too :) I latch when out but my boy sometimes never finish drinking so I just let it be and latch earlier later :)

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If given a choice, I would prefer to latch outside. It's heaps more convenient because you can always latch on the go. Put on your nursing cover and feed. With pumping, you will need to lug all your pumping equipment and find a nursing room to pump then still need to feed your baby later. Sometimes nursing room is also occupied and you don't have a space to pump, or maybe your baby starts crying when you start pumping. Quite stressful if that happens! So definitely latching is the way to go for me :)

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I used to express milk for LO or give him formula when we were out, ever since he decided to latch on from day 61, life is so much easier to DL. I use a nursing cover or if there is a nursery room I will utilise it as it feels more comfortable for him. Yay to no more bottles and worrying abt temperature and spoil milk!

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If possible, Latch. It is very convenient. Anytime, anywhere. If you are comfortable u can do it while baby wearing , or with a nursing cover else find a nursing room if not so comfortable. Pumping while out with baby is inconvenient as u will need to bring lots of pumping stuff.

I love to latch on the go, i can continue running errands without having to rysh and find a corner, toilet, hot water or even an electric pump to start pumping. For me, latch on the go, no two ways about it. My personal preference :)

Definitely latch for me. It's so much easier as there is nothing to wash. And besides it's difficult to pump and feed the baby at the same time.

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I am a fully DL mama. Pumping just disrupts my schedule and the need to bring he pump equipments and wash them etc. I like free and easy.

Latching is much easier. You can latch on the go with a carrier and a nursing cover.

I prefer to latch on