Ways to increase milk supply

Would like to check how to increase milk supply. I used to latch 2&half month old baby at night and bottle feed during the day. But baby took way too long to drink at night. She dozed off half way drinking and latch short period but more often hence I swapped to bottle feed and latch only first thing morning. I also do DL especially when we are outside. But sometimes due to unmatchable feeding time, I will pump and bottle feed instead. How do I increase supply considering the above scenarios. I am not a high supply mom but I hope I can BF as long as I could. Thanks!

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Try natural food that can increase milk supply like fenugreek. fennel, Morinaga, oats and water. Drink plenty of water too

4y ago

I tried supplements but no effect. I tried fish, papaya soup as well but nothing much significant. :(

Drink more water I realised my milk supply will drop whenever I don’t take enough fluid

You can try Milo with oats after every pump? And try to pump every 2-3hourly! Jiayou!

Try your best to pump as schedule. Every 2 or 3hrs and pump for 20mins, if can 30mins

4y ago

I do 3hourly pump with 10mins each side x 2. Unless I feel engorge then will be 20mins x2.

Oat & fenugreek Make sure u drink lots of water too

Power pumping and more frequently to empty your breast.

4y ago

I do 3hourly pump with 10mins each side x 2 set. If I oversleep or feeling engorge, I will do 20mins instead. Is it right?

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Can try to drink barley water.

Pump more and hydrate yourself

4y ago

I pump 3hourly. And I’m going back to work end July and I hope I can keep the timing. 💪🏿

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Drink more water