do you prefer to homeschool your preschooler?

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For preschool level, I believe it is easier to homeschool them as compared to elementary and secondary levels. For me, I feel overwhelming to handle housework and kids' studies at home. Instead of having stresses in preparing learning materials and lessons, I would rather let my kids to attend schools and I do my part as their mother. I do not wish to handle so much stresses and explode one day. However, I do not mean you can delicate all the teaching responsibilities to the teachers in the school. For me, I will coach my kids additional lessons based on their interest in life. The other reason is I also need a short break from my kids to have a ME time and to recharge so I have more energy to spend time with my children after their school. If you feel you can juggle and manage the responsibilities as a mother and a home teacher, you can surely homeschool your kids.

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Hi, Heard lots of the good things about homeschool. Child wil learn at their own pace and progress in the cozy home environment. Unfortunately, I am not so patient to homeschool my daughters. It needs a lot of patient to homeschool our own children.

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Yes :) very happy with our decision. They have more time to do extra curricular activities such as music and sports :)