How often do you let your preschooler play on Iphone/Ipad?

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I don't allow him to use electronics often as I feel that children shouldn't look at them so frequently. Long term looking at these lighted screens can cause myopia. They should still learn and play with physical items instead of virtual ones. Kids should be going out, running around and playing instead of staying home all day staring at a rectangle piece of object. I don't remember us having all these electronics when we are younger and they don't seem to be a "missing piece" not having one. During festive season, we will visit my mother at times and she lets my son look at iPad occasionally which i noticed that his eyes and mind are glued to it. He doesn't respond at the first call of his name. After eating, he will rush back into the room and keep watching the iPad alone. He didn't even socialise with our family members at all. Overall I still feel that it is not a "healthy" option to give to a children be it to distract them or to keep them occupied. But there are always different point of views. So it boils down to personal preference.

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my preschooler had gotten addicted to both the Iphone and the Ipad at one point of time and always wanted to watch rhymes and so on. however, we realized it was turning into an addiction and she would only be happy when she had the gadgets on. we made her stop and as of now, she uses gadgets only on the weekends, that too not always, and at the most for an hour in an entire week. she is now 4.

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My daughter is 7 years old and is only allowed to play for an hour during dinner, before dinner time and after she has completed all her work. I know gadgets are unhealthy but the games she's playing aren't really those typical "mindless" games so I don't mind. Sometimes she gets bored quickly and wouldn't finish up her hour so this arrangement works for me best.

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I do not download any games or kids apps for my children. Thus, they are not showing any interest in my phone. I didn't own an ipad. If they need to watch something, I prefer to let them watch on tv instead of small screen like phone. It will damage their eyesights.


Hi mommies .. Since my daughter was exposed early to an iPad, when I talked to her pedia. I decided to really take it off so, now what she has is just screen time but, it's 30mins. only and it's not everyday.

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Only Sunday to allowed my girl watch one movie on ipad or 30min for games while I doing housekeeping.