What kind of toys do you find educational and fun for your preschooler?

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I bought busy books from Taobao "My quiet book" and "Lullaby and goodnight" which are very interactive books for the child to play and weave their own stories. I also got her to play the old school fishing game which allows us to play with her and at the same time train her concentration, patience and perseverance. It also bonds us together too. Little tikes Stage 1 Kitchen which she has been playing from 12 months and now almost 3 keeps her occupied too.

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Thank, Suzanne!

I swear by Lego Duplo, it has endless tyoe of stimulation. Encourages, imagination, discipline, concentration and many more. For a boy, duplo and thats it!

Hi. You may find this article useful -https://sg.theasianparent.com/toys_that_promote_creativity

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try books yung puro pictures n books. para habang maaga humilig sa pagbabasa ng libro

anything with animals, shapes, colors, numbers and letters..

These are the books which she has been playing.

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How about some activity books instead of toys?

Lego duplo and magformers...

Lego Duplo! And jigsaw puzzles.

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Activity books and board games!