Please suggest a nice birthday gift for my mother-in-law.

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Get out of jail for free coupon. Hahaha. She gets to do anything and everything for that day. I would think no MIL would ever think of receiving a gift like that. If you are all spontaneous im sure you guys will have fun. Or dump in a few more coupons along side. It woukd be hilarious, at least thats what ill do for my MIL. Have a nice day.

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I think anything that she likes will do. You know what they say, when you give gifts, try to put yourself in their shoes and analyze what the person has interest with. Maybe that way you can get what she really wants

Buy something that your mother in law likes and will use. My mother in law likes clothes and shoes so that's what I buy for her. If your MIL loves massages or nailspa, you can give her GCs that she can use.

My mother in law loves to receive updated beautifully framed pictures of her apos and displays them in her sala so that's what i usually give her.