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Hello.. am planning to bring my 12months old baby for staycation and have few questions: 1) how do you prepare food for LO? Or do you purchase from outside (what kind of food do you feed?) 2) anything else we need to take note of or prepare for this staycation? Thanks in advance.

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It depends on what kind of facilities your hotel has. Those with fridges and stoves/ovens, you can pre-prepare food if you like and reheat it there. If there isn’t, then storebought food would be useful. Supermarkets have quite a lot of these (you can look at the Japanese brands, which has different types of porridges/pastas that you can try.. although you may want to try them out at home first to see if baby will eat. It’s quite stressful when baby rejects food during a staycation). Generally, food at restaurants all have a fair amount of salt/sugar, so that may not be great for your LO. I also brought things like baby bites/yoghurt melts/fruits and fruit purees. Other stuff: 1. Bring enough diapers and wipes 2. Expect the unexpected. Remember that this is supposed to be fun.. so go with the flow 3. Baby may not sleep well. Different environment.. also may not be able to control the room temperature/himidity.. people in the corridors/vehicles outside may be heard, etc. Refer to point 2. Haha. Do what you can, and don’t stress out. 4. There are many crowded areas in the hotel (and when I was at one yesterday, there were obviously sick people there coughing but still having staycations too), so keep baby away from crowds (esp since no mask for baby) Have fun!

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1st day, I cooked 2 serving of porridge and put in thermal flask. even brought some home boiled water and put in luggage. 2nd day onwards I,I got the hotel to cook salmon porridge with vegetable and blend for my 11 mths when we travelled to kl in 2019 I fed chawanmushi and white rice from restaurant as well. give fruit juice too. I bring my own kettle to boil water and water bottle and thermal flask to store the boiled water. also brought steriliser bag to sterilise milk bottle. all these applied when I brought my 2 yo and 5 mths old boys for 2 staycation this year

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also bring all the comfort items like pillow, blanket etc for their better sleep. brought our own spoon and fork for the boy too. I'm a more kiasu n kiasi mum so whatever need to be used at home, everything also bring.