Solids for 8 months baby

Hello mummies How many times do you feed your LO solid a day? And care to share what food will you prepare for your LO. Thanks in advance (:

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At 8 months, I feed him 2 solid On weekdays when he's in IFC, teachers will feed him fish/chic porridge for lunch and I will feed him cereal for dinner If he's at home, I will feed him cereal for breakfast, porridge for dinner Mostly 🥦🥕🥔🍠🍅 Chinese Yam

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During 8 months old , I gave 1 serving at lunch . I cooked porridge for baby . I include some minced chicken and goji berries and brocolli . Cut them in small pieces .

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I feed my baby 1x a day during 8 month old. She take a big bowl for lunch. Usually after milk I will give some snack too. Can check out my IG @mummyjlife for some recipe ideals 😉