Hi parents, Im planning to take one week leave to spend time with LO before he goes to the new childcare. Do you have any suggestions for places that we can go in Singapore or any places to go for shortgetaways? LO is 15mo. Thank you! ?

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For 15mo bringing them to places which are spacious or where they can explore freely is best. You can bring him to indoor playground. I would think they love it because they can have fun and yet the environment is pretty safe. You can also bring them to parks , Gardens by the Bay. Actually anywhere is fun for them as long as they can go out. My gal thinks going to market is very fun

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Lots of places you can go even without a short getaway. - SEA Aquarium - Sentosa (Beach) - Indoor Playgrounds

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Omg LO might think u don't have t work anymore n yet throwing him/ her in CC.

5y ago

Ya it's just like when kids go Long holiday w parents: n they come back to CC very cranky.