Where can I go for one-time Ultrasound Scan in Singapore?

I used to go KKH Singapore, but before my next appointment like 3 weeks to go, I feel like going for a one-time untrasound scan just in a clinics, any idea where can I go for one? Thank you 😊 #ultrasound

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Can try book appt at any private gynae clinic if u're at least 6 weeks. Typically gynae may not want to see you yet if you're earlier as it may be hard to see the fetus (unless u have any abnormal discharge then doc may make an exception). I went for my first gynae appt at 8+ wks and can see and hear heartbeat via abdominal ultrasound. Any earlier needs a vaginal scan.

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3y ago

Ohh then don't worry if ur pregnancy is smooth so far, I suggest u just wait for the 20 weeks detailed scan as I think it's not really worth it to spend hundred over dollars just for a normal ultrasound.

can go for priv!! but itll cost more than kkh , typically atleast $150+