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Hi parents, do you change your 1month LO diaper before or after feed? Why so?

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after. unless baby poops then before. reason being, baby might poop after feed n if baby is in no discomfort n is hungry i would just feed first

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I change when it is soaked with pee or when there’s poop. I don’t specifically change it before or after a feed. It depends.

I change before feed as she tends to doze off right after feed (or during the feed)!

Mostly before, unless baby keeps fidgeting den will feed first

I change when it’s soiled Doesn’t matter before or after

i change when there's a need. doesnt matter before or after

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Whenever it is heavy But some LO poops after eatinf


After feed cos my baby always poo when drinking.

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I will see if it’s heavy


Depends on when he poops