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Do u change your 1month old baby diaper every time every milk or specially wake up in the middle of the night to change her diapers?

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Will change it after she pee at least keep it clean (hygiene purpose). In the middle of the night, baby will cry or whine etc to let you know if she’s uncomfortable due to the diaper. So in the middle of the night, just wait for her cue. But when it’s time for her milk in the middle of the night, I will check her diaper to see if she peed after she drank.

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I will change my baby diaper either before or after milk and that is usually every 2-3hrs during day time. Its best to change their diapers 2-3hrs to avoid having diaper rash. But when my baby slept 4-5hrs at night, i will only change when she's awake for milk.

If you are trying to sleep train your baby best not to change her at night if she's comfortable. Diaper changing will wake her up completely and it may be hard going back to sleep. That's the ideal, it really depends on the baby though.

I'll change it when she's awake and it's wet or when she cry to indicate uncomfortable at night. I don't change it when it's wet and she's asleep. cause she will cry a lot.

I will change before every milk feed . If your baby has sensitive skin and get rashes easily, change 3hrly

I dun purposely change her diaper only when she is going to have her feed then change.

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I would usually change the diaper when baby is uncomfortable or when it feels heavy :)

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yes best to do so as they will feel uncomfortable

I change baby diaper before I feed him milk.

Everything before feeding.