Always making Math mistakes

My P3 gal does all her Math sums properly at home. But when it's exam or review time, she always ends up making mistakes. What am I doing wrong?

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It's all about stress. She has to learn how to be productive in the stressful environment all adults live in, this will also help her much in the future. To train her to be more stress resistant and productive in the long perspective, add some noise or do something, which will distract her attention, when she studies math at home. This didn't worked out well enough for me so I had no other choice than to ask someone to do my homework for me at However, for me this method proved to be more effective in Political Sciences and Economics. Especially when I had to write endless in-class exams and when time was pressing.

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You’re not doing anything wrong. Your daughter is making mistakes because she’s stressed, Exam Stress. You should encourage your daughter to learn breathing techniques to calm down and relax. Tell her to relax and don’t rush to complete her exam papers. Check her answers before submitting the paper

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I have similar problems with my P2 girl too! But it's her spelling. When we test her at home full marks but actual spelling she made mistakes. I've friends who r teachers and they say it's common n perfectly fine. Sometimes could be due to mere carelessness or anxiety attacks.

Your girl could be under exam stress. The tendency to make mistakes are higher in such situations.

similar situation....might b d children afraid to make mistakes..

It may not be you, most likely she’s under stress

It’s probably the exam environment

Nothing She may have exam stress

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Maybe she under exam stress..