Our anniversary is next week and my wife is in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Could I get some ideas from all mummies out there what you would have wished for as an anniversary gift and dinner while you were pregnant?

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Just the other day, my friend (currently in her third trimester) just commented that she would kill for a nice home cooked meal and a back rub. Her lower back is aching from the weight gain. I think having your own candlelight dinner at home would be good as your wife would not need to move around so much and could rest if she is feeling too tired. A good time to show off your culinary skills while you get her to prop her legs up (literally) and get some rest. A simple back rub before she sleep will probably be a great present as well. ;)

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When i was preg, all i wanted everyday was a good massage by hub. Instead, my lovely hub presented me with a pre natal massage package and i was happy to the max. For our anniversary gift then, he bought me a nice gold necklace and we went to a nice ulu cosy restaurant to have our dinner. As I was heavily preg, I rmb telling him that I dont want to go to a crowded place and to be squashed by others.

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A day as a queen may be a good idea. Start the morning with breakfast in bed, prepare warm nice tub for shower and home massage by hubby. Bonus if he wears sexy outfit! :)

I wished for a branded bag. But since baby is coming, can get a branded diaper bag instead. More practical. :)

Be at her beck and call, give her lots of hugs and rubs, a nice warm meal, and a handmade card :)