any great idea to hv nice romantic dinner. Planning to celebrate 1 yr wedding anniversary with my wife. Fine dining with rooftop. And wat gift should we boughr buy. Because she bought something that keep for remembrance. Please help. Thank you.

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Fine dining with roof top, you can try "Horizon" at Punggol settlement. There is sea view too. A decent course with glass of table wine costs about $120 for two pax. As for remembrance, it depend very much on individual. My hubby bought me a nice watch (my friend had a necklace which she had worn it so many times because her husband picked it for her) and a bouquet of flowers. I thought it is quite nice.

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How's your cooking? Surprise her with a candle light dinner right in the comfort of your own home. ;) Take half day leave (if it's on a weekday) without telling her. Have the meal ready by the time she's done with work.

bring her the place that first time you met her? bring her a dinner and a small gift. actually girl dont expect much, we expect how much effort you put in.