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Is it okay to use baby walker? Or is it bad for their legs?

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Don't worry not good for Baby leg.. When u put your baby in the walker for more than 10 15min they will automatically calling out crying or cranky. Cos they are telling you they have enough. Baby are really smart.. This is what happen to my girl. Max is 10min she will be screaming out for me to carry her out.

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I put him in an activity centre .. for walker i used the kind that he pushes to walk.

I let my kid use baby walker but with my supervision to Ensure baby not tip toe.

I feel that it is ok. I let my child use walker for less than 20min each time.

My 3 children uses walker. U decide which u r comfortable with.

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Better to let baby develop walking by himself. Not use walker

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Best not to. Let your child learn how to walk naturally :)

I have heard advises that it is not advisable


Been using since baby 5 month old no issue.