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Hello, is it ok if we take coach bus to genting at abt 16-17 weeks? Any tips? Quite worry about the long bus trip but trip was booked in advance, can’t cancel. Can we take the drowsy medicine?

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If you have to go, make sure to drink plenty of water, and wear loose, comfortable clothes. Also get your doctor to prescribe some anti-nausea medicine. To keep the blood flowing through your legs, you can do some exercises while you are seated, such as flexing and rotating your feet and wiggling your toes. If your journey is going to be more than 4 hours long, it is good to wear compression stockings, as they help in increasing the blood flow in the legs and in preventing blood clots.

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U have to take anti vomit and anti nausea medication. I travel to genting around 10 weeks in coach.. I didn't take medication. From the start of the journey I started to vomit till I return to sg (3d2n). Next day I was admitted to hospital due to severe vomiting.

Try not to take the medication. Wear compression socks as the journey is long. Make sure u stand up to stretch so that there will be blood flow. U can also google or watch youtube exercises for simple leg exercises for long journeys.

Wear comfy clothes Bring cushion for waist support Consult gynae for nausea medication Bring some sweets and munch in the bus Bring powder form probiotic with you and eat daily to prevent any sickness when you r there

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Take your normal medicine. Always have food with you. Wear comfy clothes. Add a support cushion for your back to avoid excessive bumps. And stretch your legs or walk around whenever you can. Just trust your instincts.

Hmmm I took a coach to kl when I was 6 weeks and i was v stressed out because it was an old bus which kept vibrating. I think best not to go if you don't feel good about the journey

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Sit in front so that the ride is not as bumpy. I have had a long of long bus rides when I was in the first trimester, should be alright.

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You can ask your doctor first if it's OK to take your usual med. They can probably prescribe you something that's safe for pregnancy

check with gynae first, but you might need frequent toilet visits and not sure how many stops the coach will stop along the way.

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I'm going next weekend and I'm 25 weeks pregnant. Should be fine as long you body can take it