cannot sleep, stress

now that my belly is heavier i keep waking up in the middle of the night uncomfortable/adjusting/needing to pee. anddd o damn stress cos recently i notice my husband snores almost always(or maybe only notice cos i’m up? haha) AND i just cannot sleep with the background noise la. any tips? it’s been an hour now since i’m up listening to his snore and i need to sleep helppp

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My husband snores like some renovations going on and I’m damn annoyed when I finally sleep and then I jump up because of his snores….. and then I ended up looking at the ceiling for hours while my husband drills besides me. I usually (I still do now at 11m PP) slap him, kick him or cover his nose and mouth. If all of the above still don’t work, I wake him up and tell him to sleep only after I sleep 😒. You can also put on cotton balls/earbuds to stuff your ears.

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I ask my hubby to sleep on his side if i find his snores unbearable. Works all the time!

Ure not ALONE mummy.. me tooo.. i slept like 6am after he woke up for work. 😅😅