6 months old keep waking up at night

Hello mummies, My 6 months old has been waking up almost every hour for the past few days. She doesnt usually wake up crying at night, she will only make abit of noise or flip and turn if she is hungry at night. However for the past few nights, she will wake up crying and need to be eitger carried or nurse. Is this sleep regression?

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My Lo go thru this stage too every 1 hour wake up and latch for 2 weeks. Heard from mummy fren it's normal just how long it last. Some might last 1 month.

Super Mum

Teething, possibly? My LO was like that too. It got so bad that sometimes we gave a chilled teether, and sometimes we even had to give paracetamol.

4y ago

A few weeks. We had to give medicine an average of twice a week, when it was really bad