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Hi, my now 4.5month LO can do assisted flip from back to tummy at 4mo. I can see he has the strength to bring himself from back to tummy, but he just don’t have the intention to do it himself. Should I be worried that he won’t have this intention any sooner? And if he doesn’t has this intention yet has the strength, does it consider as having a delay in milestone ?

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I think should be fine, every baby have their own pace. My girl only starts to flip at ard 5mths which slightly behind the milestones.. However very fast she can master the seat up, crawl and stand with assistance after that..

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He’s definitely keeping up with the milestones, nothing to worry about:) Every kid is different too, so just enjoy the journey with your LO. Even both my children have such different milestones. Heh

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No need to worry! I don’t think it’s considered a delay. Every baby has different development timelines. You can help strengthen his muscles by doing more tummy time!

Thanks mommies for the encouragement ! Definitely not trying to pressure my LO, will take things according to his pace too ☺️☺️

Not to worry. My friend's baby only can flip around 7-8months. Every child is unique, they ve their own time to do what they want.

Hi, Your baby seems active so no need to worry about this. Just enjoy all these cherishable moments :)