my 8 mnth old baby have yet to…

hi! my baby as mentioned, is 8mnths old. he can sit but still assisted, he wouldnt try standing by himself and he has yet to crawl although he tries to be in the crawling position. is it normal?

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Dear mummy do not worry, every child has their own phase and milestones they hit at their own pace 🙂Some babies do skip crawling and straight away walk. Some crawl slowly and start walking eventually. My first born went through all the rolling over, sitting upright,crawling faster than other babies but when it came to walking she actually walked when she was 17months!😅 Her papa walked when he was 15month so I guess you could sometimes says went after papa 😅😝 During Baby's health checkup& vacinnations, the nurses and doctors assured me every child has their own pace and they will eventually get there so dear mummy.Fighting! P.S : If you are still worried , do get an expert(doctor's Opinion) just for the peace of your mind dear mummy 🙂

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perfectly normal! my boy is 10+mths n he only started crawling forward at 9mths! (he was going backwards) We were so worried at 1st, but our PD told us to relax n let our child develop at his own pace, and before we knew it, he was crawling n going really fast 😅 We were told, as long as the baby is gaining weight healthly, eating well, its not a major concern. and oh yes, some babies skip crawling and go straight to standing.

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my baby boy is also 8 months. he can sit unassisted and goes to crawl position but he doesn't crawl. But he tries if I put his favourite toys Infront of him. I am sure babies will catchup when it is due time.

Ok lang naman po yan momshie. Malapit na rin namang mag progress yang motor development nya. Medyo takot pa sya cgurong mag explore. Assist assist lang po hanggang sa matuto at masanay kumilos mag isa

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srry but can translate eng? 😅

it's normal, don't worry, your baby will do it when he's ready!

Is normal dont worry. My baby starts crawling at 9 months

each baby is different. don't worry