Is it normal to not feel pregnant at ur first trimester ? So far , ive nvr had morning sickness (yet , i hope) and other symptoms .. =\ .. Im getting anxious actlly .. But tryna think positive and eat healthy ..

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It's normal my dear, and i understand that feeling. I'm on week 7, have symptoms but i don't feel pregnant because i have not yet gone for scan, i need to see baby on the screen to fully take it in and to know that baby is healthy too. InshaAllah things will go fine!!❤❤❤

Yes, I didn’t have any morning sickness but I do feel giddy sometimes as if I’m having low blood pressure or headaches at times with lower appetite and some bloating if I have big, heavy meals.

2y ago

Yes I'm feeling the same as u now . Didn't suspect that I expecting.. Instead I'm very curious because I have PCOS and I'm preggy with my 4th child.. Again I'm still happy..

It is normal. Bump not showing and no symptoms, you may forget you are pregnant! Very blessed not to experience any terrible symptoms. Enjoy the process!

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Yeah. Quite normal. I had my menses as per normal and accidentally found out that i am pregnant in 11th week. So ya, quite common. Now i am 18th week.

9mo ago

Hi, I'm curious you had menses as per normal? Coz i've been having some bleeding like menses and I'm about 7 weeks pregnant now is it normal? I'm going to see doctor only next week.

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yes its normal! i dont feel any morning sickness for my first and second preg. so lucky!

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Quite normal, for some, symptoms like weight gain, morning sickness, heartburn, or fatigue, don't happen(:

3y ago

Thank u ... I just hope the baby is healthy because im only going for the O&G for the 1st time on the 11th march which is Week 9 of the pregnancy . I read alot and googled alot ... Some mummies went to the O&G quite later ..

I’m due for my first scan at week 7 tmr and feeling so anxious. All the wild thoughts running in my mind :(

didn't have any major symptoms during my pregnancy.. only leg cramps

Its normal. I dont feel and dont have any symptoms till end of 2nd trimester.

Same feeling po.. d q ramdam na buntis aq.. im 1st trimester q rin..