When To Start Packing Hospital Bag?

Hi, normally at which weeks should we start packing hospital bag?

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Would really advice you to pack early. Can start to slowly pack when reach 30th weeks. Our baby came out 3 weeks before. Although had already packed some impt things, we are still not prepare for him to come out so fast


I start packing at 33weeks and I suddenly had contraction at 34 weeks. My mummy fren all told me to do it around 32 week.

I packed it at 30 weeks. Cause it's my 3rd pregnancy and i'm kinda scared😂

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U can start packing as early from beginning of final trimester onwards.

Can slowly start packing from towards end of 2nd trimester

I started packing at 30 weeks, now I'm 34 weeks, just waiting.

Good to pack after 32weeks-35weeks. I regretted not packing.


mine was planned c sec, packed on the day I admit hospital


3rd trimester, around after 30 weeks.


I plan to do one month before edd