Is it normal that my baby poops 3x a day since he turned 4mos old but its every other day.. Tho the poop color is normal.

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Yes, it is fine. As long as the consistency of the poop is normal and the colour too, it is fine. I do not think there is anything to worry about. Also, the bowel movements and timings of the baby keep changing during this time.

Hello, I guess it is normal. You know you must see that your baby is active and eating well. If there is no sign of drowsiness or baby crying for no reason then I think it is fine. Just check the poop for germs.

Yes. That's normal among babies. Their poop schedule varies. As long as he's not irritable and he looks fine, no need to worry.

Yes it is very normal. Some babies poop every 4 or 5 days and still they're normal.

Yes, sa Akin nga umaabot hanggang 5x a day.. If breastfeed si baby ganyan talaga

3y ago

4mos sya ngayon wednesday

As long as the poop is firm, then you don't have to worry at all.

Ako po yung baby ko po ganyan din sya ngayon since nag 3months po sya

As long as the poop is not watery, the it's just fine.

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Pero pag lumagpas ng 5 days consult your pedia na po

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Hanggang 5 days normal