First time father here! My son is exclusively breast fed

How do you know that your baby is having a good poop and a poor poop? Is it normal that he is having like 5-7 times a day or shall i be worry that he is having a diarrhea?

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How Often Should a Breastfed Baby Poop? As a general guideline, expect your breastfed newborn to poop after almost every feeding, usually 5-12 times per day. After a few weeks, however, baby poop frequency will dwindle to 3-4 times per day. Babies older than six weeks may poop even less often – maybe even once a week. -Google

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During or every after breastfeeding po usually nagpupoop si baby, and wiwi na is a good indication na may nakukuha po sya kay mommy. more breastmilk more output wiwi and pupu.