Normal lang po ba sumakit ang puson?

Hi. Normal lang po ba na sumasakit yung puson everyday? Pero di naman sya ganun kasakit pero nag woworry parin po ako, by the way Im 11 weeks pregnant. Thank you so much :)

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hi mommy!! According po kay Dr. Chris Soriano from our #AskDok Live chat session: "If your pregnancy is between 24 to 36 weeks and you feel or experience ANY of the following, then it is better to go to the hospital, specifically at the Labor Room, for you to be examined by the staff-on-duty so they can examine you and inform your OB-GYN. 1. Regular pain on the lower abdomen (puson) or regular contractions (paninigas) of the uterus (matres) which does not stop. 2. Vaginal spotting or bleeding. 3. Watery discharge or leaking fluid (panubigan) 4. No fetal movement or no baby kicks for the whole day. Normal fetal (baby) kicks or movements is 10 or more within 2 hours."

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