Gastric pain in early pregnancy

Is it normal to have gastric pain feeling all over my tummy in early pregnancy? Currently 4 weeks pregnant. I do not experience this in my previous 2 pregnancy

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yes I experience same issue of gastric and nausea during 1st trimester as early as 7 weeks. After consume gaviscon I'm OK. but can't rely on that for too long. I also apply yuyee oil at night and cover blanket with compression socks and it soothes quite a bit. have plenty of fluid and fruits as well. now on 14 weeks the gastric comes back with back aches. I guess it should be normal in pregnancy. if too unbearable, suggest better consult gynae for prescription.

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Yes I experienced higher gastric reflux and acidity too... Especially at night before bed. Try gaviscon or alkaline water to resolve, it works for me

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Pero do you experience nausea ba? Much better to consult your OB if napapadalas. Lalo na 1st trimester ang pinakadelikado na stage ng pregnancy.

yes normal i did experience it. It go away soon. just dont miss ur meal when you already feel hungry. If too worry check with your gynea 🙂

yes I am experiencing it. I am 10 weeks and my OB has given me medication

Yes I do have gastric issue during my early pregnancy

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Normal but good to consult your gynaecologist too!

Yes I’m suffering from it now at 11 weeks

Yes normal