Gastric pain and feeling nauseous

I'm in my 9 weeks pregnancy and i keep having gastric pain at night and can't slp and when i wake up i keep wanna puke :( has anyone have the same symptoms? :(

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same problem as u, w9 too. tried antacid (prescribed by kkh) didn't work, tried gaviscon and it didn't work too. I'm literally a panda already. ongoing since w6 and seems to be getting worst each night. can't wait for review with gynae again. need help on this too!

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4mo ago

may be can try sleeping with higher pillows. get well soon!

I'm still experiencing this at week 15! it has been like this since week 6 :( thou my morning sickness is not as bad anymore, I still have gastric at night and have issues sleeping. I take gaviscon and it helps a little.

5mo ago

i will try thanks :)

try to eat lesser portion but more often, avoid chili and oily food. you can ask your gynae whether necessary to drink antacid.

5mo ago

i love spicy food but will try to cut down :( thanks

I’m in my 17.6wk and I still have this issue… try taking light meals… I helps..

5mo ago

ok thanks :)

me too i always have crackers nearby so i can eat if i feel like that

5mo ago

ok thanks :) will try