Weight gain during pregnancy

Is it normal to gain weight around 5kg during 1st trimester... even though I eat, I still feel hyperacidic... it causing me nausea. So, I eat more to balance my acidicity.. and my stomach always feel super bloated

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hi there! its good to actually gain weight during pregnancy and not lose it. i didn't gain any weight during my first few months and then lose alot during the second tri and got the doctor worried. if you feel bloated each time after meal, try to avoid anything that has yeast e.g bread, cakes, biscuits and etc. try avoiding bananas, grapes and have more watermelon, papayas, avocado. eat a fistful of carbs and have more proteins. eat green leafy veggies and try to avoid cooling veg like cabbages.

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tbh i also gain quite abit during my first tri. maybe about 3+kg. however i think that tho the baby is small, the body is retaining fluid for him/her and my chest size actually blossomed which i think adds on to the weight gain. so it might not solely be form what you have consumed. furthermore it is impt, esp during 1st tri, that you are able to eat smthg to give you the energy for the day! 💪💪💪

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First trimester is the worst. So eat whatever makes u feel better. It is untrue that weight gain only happens in the second trimester. Not everyone goes through the same thing. Maybe u can try to opt for more healthy choice. Like low GI bread, brown rice etc.

its best to control what u eat. more meals lesser portion. as you'll definitely gain mkre during 2nd trimester. so if youre alr gaining so much for 1st tri, you might find it hard to lose it after birth

I gained minimally 4kg in my first trimester

Weight gain only begins in 2nd trimester and above

3y ago

Not true actually, it would be more accurate to say every pregnancy is different. I gained about 5kg in my first tri too.


I gain 9kg thru my pregnancy.