is a normal food blender recommended for bb food or a baby food blender preferred instead? any to recommend ? photos pls*

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Hmmm. I will say don't waste your money!! I was told it's good to have. And i used it once everyday 3 days, as i make 3 day rules portion. After 9 months, more of less, you are starting Porridge, i don't think you want to blend the porridge too. It's not recommend to give too fine texture to baby, if they get used to it, and lazy to chew, do u know you will have problems feeding rice, noodles, table food after 1 years old. No1 i used it and kept after starting porridge. (My intention was since i will have no2, say maybe it's a good investment, as can use for no2, in fact, become white elephant) No2, i totally didn't used it, instead i steam and mash manually and he is taking noodles, meat, fruits, etc very well. After you steam, most of the food is easy to mash. I will suggest you to get NUK mash and serve bowl. Cheap good and easy. Some food like potato, pear, after steam is very soft, hence easy to mash. (In fact, no2 i feel i'm more lazy to set up everything and freeze and defrost and wash so many parts and have to use vinegar to wash the inner part(blender) once of awhile. Manually is easier to make baby food instead.) There is other brand like Combi you see above, lucky baby or pigeon too. Manually is good, easy to try BLW together too.

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Hope it's help you too :)