15 weeks yet still feeling so tired

I am reaching 15 weeks but I feel so sleepy and tired. Is it normal since they say you will be having more energy when you reach second trimester.

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First pregnancy, 2nd trimester onwards was a breeze. This second pregnancy, 2nd trimester has its ups and downs. Some days have so much burst of energy, some days, I just want to lay down all day.

I heard those too and I’m quite excited to feel less tired. Im nearing 15 weeks now and I feel extra tired but hardworking on certain days. I wonder which week will the tiredness lessen😅

hi! I'm 15+4 weeks now and all I want to do is just sleep all day and night! hahahaha! I think it's normal as this is my 4th pregnancy but first time going through this..

I'm in my 18th week. Still feel lethargic from time to time. Some days are better, some days I just don't feel like doing anything. Take adequate rest if you need to!

I’m reaching 15 weeks too. :) I do feel better now in the second trimester than the first. But I think it’s normal! It can be tiring

yes normal the more you advance in your trimester