Baby Vomiting

Is it normal to baby if they vomit alot. But not losing the weight and don't have any sign of fever or sickness.

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No not normal , raise your concern to PD. Try to burp your baby as often .

Maybe due to overfeeding or not efficiently burping your lo. 😊

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Maybe over feeding.

Overfeeding maybe. Try to feed abit lesser, if it persist, best see a pd

Vomitting could be due to over feeding, not burping correctly or diaphragm not yet fully developed so baby cant expel air. My 1st born had problems with his diaphragm...he cant this day...he still finds it hard to give a good burp and he is 25 yrs he has to watch what he eats otherwise he feels bloated and uncomfortable...

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Best to bring your baby to the pediatrician...