Rashes after measles vaccination

Is it normal for a 9-month-old tondevelop rashes after measle vaccination? And if so, how long do it last? Thank you.

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best to check with pedia mommy. hindi kasi nagkaroon ng rashes si baby after MMR, kaya diko na po maalala advice ng pedia on what to expect.usually fever lang binabantayan


I agree po with what most moms have suggested here. always check with your pedia just to be on the safe side. in our case, hindi po nagka-rashes si lo.

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After vaccine meron po inaadvise ang Pedia to monitor for lagnat give paracetamol .. And for rashes, Dapat consult to Pedia na po mommy

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si baby po so far walang rashws after any vaccine. always checkwith pedia po to make sure it's vaccine-related.

Baka may allergic reactions siya mommy sa specific composition ng vaccine. Consult the pedia na po right away

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A rash can happen after a measles shot. To be sure your baby is okay, do check with the pedia.

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best to check pedia po. kasi po kung vaccine ay dapat po wala. bala may allergic reaction po

not normal sis. my allergy yta si baby sa measles vaccine. pacheck niyo n lng po para sure

Should not be. Dapat ipabalik kung saan pina vaccine or dretso n sa pedia

consult to your pedia