Is it normal for 1yo to poo only once a day? Sometimes no poo for 2-3 days.. wet diapers rather heavy, about 3 wet diapers a day. Should I be worried? Started solid at 6mo but till now still not taking a lot though.

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poo once a day it's perfectly normal. Wet diapers are good! So don't worry about the wet diapers. As of the solids, Its ok if baby isn't taking alot. Maybe you can try a change of food instead of porridge? Maybe noodle soup or you can try offering finger food for them to self feed to get them more interested.

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Yes it's normal. How often do you change the diapers? As for the solids, still feeding porridge or have already venture out into trying different food for LO?

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Once a day is normal. I think u should increase his solid intake. Try offering everything.

normal. don't worry. even if baby poo every alternate day it's also okay.