9 wks baby sleeping more, drinking less

My 9 wks old baby is only drinking 300-400ml a day (24hrs). She is only drinking approx 60-80ml per feed. She still get wet diapers and poo within the day. At least 6-10 times of diaper changeout. However, she seems to be drinking lesser than what she should. Should i be worried? She sleeps more and she slept from 8:40pm up till 1.38am and is still not awake for her feed. Should i be waking her up for feed?

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After baby is cleared of jaundice, there’s no need to wake baby up for milk feeds. Baby will wake up when they are hungry. There’s no “should” amount of milk & you shouldn’t stress yourself over that. As long as the wet diapers is enough, weight gain is good, then everything is fine. Like adults, we don’t eat the same amount everyday right?

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Hi, how long did this last? Because this is happening to my LO now. Thank you!