cutting bb hair during 1 mth old

Is it nessecary for chinese babies to cut hair during one month old?

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I cut coz I collected his hair for the 胎毛笔. It really depends on parents' comfort level. My hub was emo coz cut too much but my son hair grew super fast. So it's fine after that

nope, it’s traditions n myths. my lo was born with head full of thick hair, i don’t let anyone shave or cut it till now 1yo

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Nope, not necessary. My elder daughter cut her hair for the first time after 3yo. Haha


It's a traditional thing. I only cut abit and fully shaved when 4 months old


Not a must, but I did for my boy Some will shave it at 4 months

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Not necessary. But I cut my LO’s at 1 mth & 6 mths :)


Only if you want to make the brush

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Depends on individual belief

nope..not necessary

I didn't...