Breast pump is a need in labour bag?

Hi mummies! As a first time mom, im curious if i really need to bring a breast pump in our labour bag? Be it the electric/manual breast pump. And any idea if Hegen ones is good?

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They will probably help you to latch baby instead of advising you to use a pump. Unless you need help from LC to teach you how to operate and understand your pump, it’s not necessary. I did bring along as I needed someone to explain on how to use the pump since I don’t intend to latch. Can’t advise on Hegen but I’m using Baby express BeMine & BeFree.

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I did bring it to hospital, and found it useful to extract colostrum since my baby could not latch despite help from lactation consultant. I would bring it just in case needed. I use Spectra S1 hospital grade and its great! Other pump I tried was Imani cordless but could not give me same yield as Spectra.

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