to my expecting mamas!

Hi all. Need advice. Giving birth in few mths time..edd is on 2nd aug. i have 15 days AL (can keep till Mar next yr). And of cos followed by 4 mths maternity leave. How would you take ur leaves accordingly before ur edd? Ftm so im not sure if i might be taking too early or too late. Kindly advise. Thanks!! :)

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My bosses have been informed of my leave plans but I will likely only put in official application for maternity leave after I give birth. Cos EDD is just an estimation. So once I give birth, will start 4 months maternity, followed by my annual leave.

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I will reserve my AL all for when the baby is born..if i dun need it la during pregnancy la cos 16 wks ml to be honest is not enough really.. so il usually standby my AL if it has to b used after i deliver

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Okok.. Means u wont take any leave before edd?

Best to keep AL for after bb is born and if you don't need the break before giving birth keep most of your ML for after bb is born as well. ❤

I maxed out my AL before EDD cus i just cant stand going and being at work anymore. Took a good break from work before delivery.