Need advice My f husband dont want to signed the Deeds Of Separation. He f thinks that he expect me to f follow his terms which is a no way for me. F.. he is the one who has cheated on me. Doesnt want me n my lo. Clearly said that he wants his freedom n his f mistress. Now e thing is CDA card Trustee is under my husb name. I am looking after e child My divource only kicks in next yr. He needs to changed the Trustee name right?? Any mummy or daddy can advice me please. Damm f seriously dizz assholes. Making things so diff for me.

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I am not sure hiring a lawyer is the best choice because once you commit money and your lawyer sell a false dream. You don't want to go back. The smart way is to call DSSA for counselling. They can help contact your husband and arrangement a session together. They will help smooth the road to divorce.

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Hire a lawyer. I think that's the best thing to do.