My wife does not like my five year old son from my previous marriage. How do I help her getting close to him?

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Hey.. Before you married you should be straight up with her.. Your kids cannot choose their father and mother. But you can choose whom to remarried. You need to fix this fast and it must not be at the cost of your kids. Of cos I'm not saying you should sleep with your kids every night and ignore her. Most importantly she need to try to accept your kids or you might need to get out of this marriage ASAP.

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Your wife may be feeling jealous and insecure about your son as he is a reminder of your ex-marriage. You have to make her realise that both her and your son are of equal importance. As for bonding, perhaps more trips and activities out together may help them to get closer.

it's really hard. my husband has 3 kids from his previous marriage. frankly I don't take too well to the kids for us as long as there is a line drawn it should be okay.