My son is starting school in a few weeks and his classes start at 10.30am. I'm trying to get him to wake up later than his usual 6-6.30am time with little success. We've tried putting him to sleep later, reducing day naps, etc but nothing has worked. Do you clever mummies have any other tricks youve tried?

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Putting him to sleep later might actually be counterproductive! There are some tips here, but one of the causes mentioned for early rising is too late of a bedtime: "Skipping naps and putting your child to bed later will cause early rising-I know it’s not logical, and you and I would never do that – but it is true!" I liked the tip on keeping the room dark in the morning :) When my daughter wakes up and sees sunlight, she blinks a few times, looks around the room, smiles at me, and just like that -- she's up!

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