My 3 year old is going to sleep later and later every day and as a result wakes up later too. he used to go to sleep at 9, then it became 10, and today it's 12am! He goes to childcare so nap is between 1-3, 2hrs as max. I've tried everything I can - starting his routine earlier, putting my foot down and refusing any more songs/stories, rewards in the morning, scare tactics, draw him a schedule, etc. But nothing seems to work and he just doesn't want to sleep! he knows how to turn on the lights when I switch them off, he knows how to let himself out when I lock him in, he doesn't get scared when we scold him. I'm seriously getting very frustrated! someone please help!!!

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Switch. Wake him up early at let's say 7am. Adjust his timing. Replan his routines. So for example, wake up, brush teeth, play toys, outdoor, bath, lunch, TV, nap 1 to 3pm after which wake up, play toys, TV, outdoor, bath, dinner, brush teeth, lie down. By 9pm latest he should be in bed and the house must shut down. I went through exactly what you mentioned. We need to adjust ourselves first. Reflect.

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When I was babysitting - i found that the trick was a glass of warm milk, turkey sandwich and banana for dinner made kids sleepy! its cause of L-Tryptophan a natural causing sleep drug found in these food! try it and let us know if it works!

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Wake him up by a certain time. I should think his naps are controlled by the childcare so no worries about that. Just control the number of naps he has when back at home. Make this an every day routine.

burn off his excess energy after dinner by bringing him to void deck to play ball/tricycle/playground.

Coconut oil with lavender drops, head to toe, works like a charm :)