My period has been delayed by almost three weeks, but the pregnancy test is still negative. What does it mean?

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There are many reasons why a woman can have missed periods. It's not always due to pregnancy. If you did not ovulate during that menstrual cycle, then your menses may be absent for that month. Other factors include stress and a poor diet.

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Wait for another week and if Aunt flo still doesn't show up, visit a doctor. If you are trying, you could also be pregnant though. Sometimes it takes time for the test to come positive or there might be a very faint red line that you are not able to see. Try again.

If you ovulate pretty late, then your period will arrive late than your usual cycle. If you believe you might conceive, try to check upt after your missed period or make a blood test for more accurate result.


You can have a check up with your doctor to find out whether you are pregnant or not. Do your period come regularly on the dot or do they come irregularly? Many factors contribute to delayed menses.

Wait for another 2-3 weeks if you want to test for pregnancy. If still it comes negative you should consult your gyno then.


There are many reason why your period might be late. Hormonal imbalance, stress, fatigue etc. Best to get your doctor’s opinion

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Monitor and wait. It could be due to stress or hormone factors. See a doctor if it persists for another few weeks.

Consult a gynae Sometimes pregnancy test may not appear if early stages of pregnancy See gynae to be safe pls

Good morning, pls I saw my period on d 9th to 11th of November, pls my question is when is my ovulation

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Try to use ovulation calculator app.

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Book an appointment with your gynae. Pregnancy test might not be accurate.