My lo currently 6mo( corrected age is 4mo), this few days his lip cracked and will bleeding when he cry,is it the sign of dehydration?im fully breastfeed him so it means that he not getting enough breastmilk?im seldom give him water because hear that fully breastfeed baby don't need water.So should i give him some water or just apply lip balm like vaseline on his lip?

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Hi mom don't worry. as long as you are feeding your baby your milk, he will not need any water. babies can be exclusively fed on breastmilk for the first 6 months and it actually helps to keep them hydrated and nourished. if your baby's lips are chapped or cracked, you can take some breastmilk in your finger and apply it over the lips, and gently massage it in. this will also help to keep the lips smooth and soft and heal the cracks.

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Breastmilk mummy, breastmilk is a natural remedy for plenty of things. It will provide instant relieve, rub some bm on the chapped or cracked lips directly as often as you like.

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did you check his diaper output? If his diaper output is normal, then it's not dehyration. Apply some BM on his lips.

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