My little one is 3 months old and I've just started to take off his mittens to let him adventure with his hands but he keeps sucking his fist once mittens are off. His fingers have become red because of sucking. Is it okay for him to keep sucking his hands? How do I prevent him from constant sucking? Hope to get some advice

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Wow... it is actually recommended that mittens be worn till 6 weeks of age, so it is kind of late to be off mittens only now. It is natural for babies to suck their fingers. Just let him be. Mine does it because I don't want to introduce a pacifier to her. Non-nutritive sucking is very important to babies as well as this makes them feel comforted.

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Your baby is exploring his little fingers. Young baby explore through their 5 senses: seeing, tasting, smelling, hearing and touching. It's okay to let baby suckle and let him explore. Sometimes it is a form of self-soothe to sleep. If you worry about the germs, try to wipe his hands as often as possible using wet cloth.

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It's okay to let him suck on his fingers. Removing the mittens helps the baby develop his motor skills, learning more things using their hands.

no ok lang po yan.wag po natin biglain c baby.we never know kng ano yung ipapakita pa nia.❤😘

yes they prefer their fingers to play with than the teether


same wd my kids no prob keep clean hands