My kids don't like eating veggies as a side dish. Ca you please give me ideas on how I can include (hide!) veggies in other dishes?

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You can try to involve him in growing up own leafy vegetables so he will be feeling more appreciate and willing to take in own grown vegetables. Another way is to use food face kids dinner plate to encourage him to decorate the face using vegetables and eat them. You can get from amazon for about USD12.90. Here is a vege patties recipe which is very easy to prepare and tasty:

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Kids don't like the sight of veggies. The best way to include veggies is smoothies or fritters or even veggie balls. All kids love cheese don't they? Try out this hidden veg mac and cheese! Pizza is another sure win recipe with kids Hope it works for your kids!

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grate all the veggies or finely chop them. now take very little ghee in a pan and add few cumin seeds, and sutae the veggies... now add 1cup moong Dal ( washed n kept for 15 min) n saute it. add 2cups wheat daliya to it . add turmeric powder and salt to taste... give it 2 wishtel in pressure cooker with 5 to 6 cups of water. m sure ur kid will love this. I have 1 yr son n he love this dish.

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what should make for my 11 month old daughter

pesto pasta

Mixed them in their food

Dalam proses tumbesaran seorang bayi, adalah sangat penting untuk menyediakan makanan yang berkhasiat dan segar.

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Make a carrot cake, kids gonna loves that cake


make mini frittatas and hide the veggies in there or mini fish/shrimp/crab/potato cakes