Do u give organic fruits and vegetables or not? It sells in bulk. And seriously how long can it last in the fridge? Cause i don't wish to freeze it. Pls advise me.

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Hi I don't give all organic food to babies. Firstly organic food doesn't mean that it is more nutritious for babies. Have a well balanced and varied diet for baby is more nutritious. Organic food in my opinion reduces the risk of our babies consuming food that is exposed to pesticide. Moreover not all fruits or vegetables need to be organic as some have minimal or less risks of being contaminated. On the list of foods that is most susceptible to contaminate with pesticides are foods like 1) apples 2)strawberries 3) peaches 4) nectarine 5) kale 6) lettuce 7) celery 8) pears 9) carrots I buy my organic foods from OpenTaste online and it is reasonable and fresh! No need to buy in bulk :)

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6y ago

Totally agreed. I only bought those fruits or vegetable that is most susceptible to contaminate with pesticides for my baby and toddler. I just washed those non-organic vegetables and fruits with vinegar for peace of mind.

I attended a few weaning talks from different Hospitals and all of them mentioned that there is no need to give organic food to babies. Because it is not scientifically proven that organic is actually healthier and sometimes organic produce may have more problem when they use the waste of animals as fertilisers

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Yes we only give organic fruits and veggies to baby