My husband sperm count is normal. However, mobility is zero. His sperm shape is not great as well. Gynae advise IVF, however, hubby is not willing for me to go through the pain. Any supplement to recommend to help boost the sperm mobility?

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Try Chinese medicine from reputable Chinese physicians. You can google for more info
U try acupuncture for your husband or both of you. It worked on us, after 6 yrs of trying to have a baby now im about to poop in 3 weeks. And also while your on acupuncture both of you are bot allowe
If you wish to have a child..there are thing's we coudnt control no matter how many meds you take,sometimes it will never work,be optimistic if gynae advise you IVF, be brave! many have tried and it
Tcm is the next alternative. Meanwhile in meals can fix black bean soup, maca soup ... these help boost fertility
You can try Dr. Quick that's if there is no infection oooo